When was the last time you used your tripod?

Want to instantly improve your photos? Open your closet door, knock off all of the dust and grab your tripod! Tripods improve your photography in many ways… They totally stabilize your camera allowing for tack sharp images. Tripods allow you to shoot in any light, including very low light. Last, a tripod forces you to slow down and take a methodical approach to each shot.  All good things correct? Well… where is your tripod…?

If it’s not being used because it is cumbersome, or too heavy, there are tons of new tripods available that are ultra-light and set up in a few moments. What’s cool is we have finally seen some standardization in the release plates that attach the camera to the tripod, making it easy to find and attach accessories to make your camera outfit more personalized.


If you own a middle to light weight camera this is a must have! The Sunpak DigiPRO ULTRA CF63 ($219.99) arrived recently in our stores and its super light, sturdy and has an integrated mono-pod as a center column. It has carbon fiber legs and a max height of 63″. Its 18″ folded up and weighs less than 3 pounds. The load limit on the tripod is 11+ pounds… For reference a typical professional camera setup is 6-8 LBS. Awesome! (Featured in this video)



Seen here being used by Stephen Weiss during the 2017 Solar Eclipse

If your camera setup is a bit heaver or if love to shoot with super telephoto lenses (300+MM) you have got to check out the new Promaster line of tripods we now keep in stock at all locations. The Specialist SP532 is available in Aluminum ($299) or Carbon fiber ($399) and has a load limit of 26LBS! The really exciting thing is the maximum height, as it goes up to 84.5″ allowing you to use your tripod for portrait and group shots in an elevated position with ease. When shooting up – wildlife, or celestial objects, you have enough height to easily work UNDER your camera for a comfortable shooting position. Since the legs are so tall, you rarely need to use the center column, further improving stability, and the legs are designed in a way to absorb vibration.

L Bracket 1 L Bracket 2

Also make sure to pick up a Promaster Universal L Bracket ($39.99) to attach to your camera. Using the L bracket, when you shoot horizontal, and then re-position to vertical, you lens stays in the same position… Way more efficient! Without a bracket you need to adjust your tripod head, recompose your camera, and raise the center column to maintain the exact height.

Make sure to bring in your camera and try out these New Tripods and many more at your local CCC!