What’s in your camera bag?

Spring Cleaning – Camera Bag Edition

If you’re like me, you have stuff lying around the house that you never use. This also applies to my camera bag. Every year, I like to go through my bag (like my closet) and figure out what I use often, what I would like to learn how to use better, and what I never use. This is a great way to not only make more room for new equipment but it also helps me to cultivate my personal shooting style. For example, I have a wide angle lens that I never seem to find a use for because I am consistently taking close-ups or portraits. While some photographers make excellent use of wide-angle lenses, (they are great for architecture and landscapes) I am better off using that space in my bag for a better portrait lens. Now, if money was no object and I don’t mind lugging around a giant bag, I would by all means keep collecting lenses so that I always have the right equipment for the perfect shot. But, most of us don’t have that luxury.


So, what now? Well, luckily Creve Coeur Camera purchases used equipment and I can use the value of my un-wanted lens towards another lens that may suit my needs better. To find out what my lens is worth I take it to any Creve Coeur Camera location and leave it to be evaluated. It will be thoroughly tested to make sure it is working as it should. Once I know what my equipment is worth, I can decide what new lens to buy or decide that I would rather keep it. Now, I know what you’re thinking…why not sell it myself? Well, even though I may get a little more for it that way, I need to do some work to make it happen. If I sell it locally that means I need to meet with a stranger. If I sell it online, the website that I use takes a cut. Also, it could take weeks to find a buyer, or it may never sell. I would rather do my business all at once and start to use my new lens right away.


Not sure what lens to buy next? Don’t worry you can always come in to your local Creve Coeur Camera and you can try any lens or camera you want. It’s important to bring in the equipment you currently own so the salesmen know what you already have and so that you can see the difference first-hand. Every store has a lit shooting area where you can take pictures of all kinds of colorful objects to really see how each lens “sees” the scene differently. Still can’t decide? No worries, you can have your trade-in value put on a gift card for when you do make a decision. Don’t forget that Creve Coeur Camera will buy a variety of camera bodies, lenses, flashes, tripods and other miscellaneous equipment.


Whatever you have in your bag and whatever you take pictures of don’t let your equipment sit there unused! Try new subject matter, take a class or just come in and ask questions! Make 2017 the year you utilize your equipment to its fullest potential. Creve Coeur Camera is here to help.


-Laura, Creve Coeur Superstore