What to do with those old home movies?


What to do with those old home movies? 


We all have memories of watching old home movies. While we may have transitioned away from the days of sitting down in front of the TV or projector screen to watch these memories with the arrival of social media and digital video, there is a high likelihood that you still have old tapes and film reels with those memories captured on them. With this newer technology, many of us are left with one question: What do we do with this stuff? At Creve Coeur Camera, we can transfer your home movies into a digital format!

Video transfers are a great way to archive your memories for the future. A copy of these memories can also be a great holiday gift for the family. At Creve Coeur Camera, we can transfer: VHS, SVHS, VHSC, 8mm reels, Super 8 reels, 16mm reels, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV, and other formats [see store for more details].

Bring your media to any Creve Coeur Camera store, and have them transferred to a current format, whether that is to a DVD for your TV, Blu-Ray Disc, or to a digital file.  We can also add titles and music to your order. In addition to video transfers, we can also create video slideshows from slides, digital images, or from prints.

Want the ability to edit your home movies digitally? You can now add a data DVD copy of your home movies when paired with a playable DVD order for an additional $10. This way, you will have both a copy of digital files, in addition to the DVD copy that can be played in your DVD player. Remember, at Creve Coeur Camera, your memories are our passion!

-Ian Blaylock – Crestwood Store