This camera packs a BOOM!

Did my camera outfit get too big?

When I travel or visit friends, I used to love to take my full sized camera, and all its lenses, but recently some changes in my life have forced my hand. I’ve swapped out a photo backpack for a diaper bag… Trade a tripod for a stroller. Absolutely, my beautiful children are THE best thing ever, don’t get me wrong 🙂 …but with regards to photography, some of my “toys” are collecting dust.

There is always my phone, but as we have detailed on our previous blogs, a phone is unable to take the same quality photos, especially if you shoot in low light, or rely upon a zoom. Rarely does a phone capture a moment and a feeling exactly like I remembered it. So, where does this leave me…? I don’t want too big, and not interested in carrying around all of my lenses.

So with that said, I’m shopping for a new camera, and luckily I work for Creve Coeur Camera! (Um…Did you hear about our “BOOM” rewards program!!!) We now stock a new type of camera, and it’s small, but potent. There are a few manufactures that make these; Sony, Canon and Panasonic, however, only one camera is compact and incorporates a long lens like my DSLR. The Panasonic ZS100 features compact size, large sensor, electronic viewfinder and a 10x optical zoom. No other camera in ANY brand offers this combination of size, zoom, and most important, image quality. This is my top choice for a camera that can and will go anywhere with me.

The ZS100 has automatic modes that help for beginners, and manual settings along with RAW capture for you photo enthusiasts out there. Wireless connectivity is also featured, for instant smartphone sharing. Additionally, the camera will also record 4k video, and can pull still images directly off the camera, from the 4k video. Capturing action and rapidly moving subjects (my 2yr and 4yr old) is possible. All of this makes the camera small AND incredibly versatile.


The combination of small size, large sensor and 10 optical zoom make this truly unique. Other compact cameras exist, however they only have a short 3-5x zoom. While these are better in lower light, I already have my full sized Camera for those needs. This will be a perfect supplement.

So if you are thinking about leaving your camera rig at home, consider a smaller lighter option to carry with you… The best camera you have is the one with you!

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-Chris Del Gaiso, St. Charles Store Manager