Starter Guide to Good Videos

A lot of people I talk with are interested in making high quality video. Whether it’s for personal use, promotion of an event or company, videos bring in the likes. Here are some helpful tips for a novice wanting the best quality and ease of use for their money.

First things first, choosing the right camera. For most applications, an interchangeable lens camera will be the way to go, rather than a traditional hand-held video camera. They have a very cinematic, high production value look that video cameras tend to lack in a friendly budget. A big feature you’re going to need is a mic port on the camera. Not all cameras have a port for a microphone, and the mic’s that come stock on the cameras are not very good! Another key feature in a camera is an articulating screen. This feature will help you see what you’re shooting at every angel. It is a challenge to shoot video with a screen that is flush with the back of the camera. Beyond those two features, it gets a little more complicated when looking at cameras specs. You basically want a camera with a high frame rate as far as the frames per second it can record video clips at and high resolution. 4k is the highest resolution available at this time. (Click here for a blog about 4K) There are a lot of Panasonic cameras on the market that meet these specifications.

Beyond the camera, there are a few things you will want to up the production value of your videos. The first and most important is a video tripod. Even if the camera is just sitting still, this will usually be a better look than shaking in your hands. They make specific tripod heads for video as well that pan smoothly for a clean smooth video. Back to the microphone, a shotgun mic is your most versatile bet. When mounted on your camera, a shotgun mic will pick up what even the camera is pointing at and block out sound coming from the side or behind the camera. The last thing you will need is video editing software for the computer. This is a must. Get comfortable enough to at least cut a splice your videos together. The better you shoot the video, the less editing you will have to do.

Hope this helps you start on your way to getting great video!! Stop in any location and visit with us today! We can help take your videos to the next level.

-Blake Dunlap, Assistant Manager at St. Charles, MO Store