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Product Description

  • Released in 1964, the Yashica-Mat EM features an uncoupled light meter and an 80mm f/3.5 Yashinon shooting lens. The “EM” stands for Exposure Meter, referring to the uncoupled selenium cell exposure meter in front of the viewfinder. It’s an all-mechanical camera; even the light meter doesn’t need a battery. The Yashica-Mat EM is a solidly made, easy-to-use camera. It can be found for a reasonable price on eBay, and is an excellent introduction to medium-format photography. It’s clearly an evolution in the line of the 1957Yashica-Mat and the 1958 Yashica-Mat LM. It differs from the latter camera only in its easier-to-use exposure meter.

    Features Edit

    It has a Copal MXV leaf shutter, capable of speeds ranging from B and 1 second to 1/500s. It offers flash syncat all speeds. The taking lens is a 3.5 Yashinon, an 80 mm four-element lens said to be of the Tessar design. It can be stopped down to F/22. The viewing lens is a 3.2 Yashinon. It accepts bay I filters. Shutter speeds anddiaphragm are set by two wheels on the front plate, the values set are shown in a window above the viewing lens.

    Focusing is done by a focusing wheel on the left of the camera. It has a distance scale surrounded by adepth of field scale engraved in the body. There is a small window in which you can set the ISO and DINvalue of the film you use. ISO 400 is the highest value. The exposure meter is not coupled, so setting this speed is more a reminder than of any practical use.

    The body is all-metal, covered by black leather. It is quite a heavy camera, about 1.2 Kg. Film transport and cocking the shutter is done by a crank. Winding makes a rattling noise. Looking onto the ground glass in the waist-level finder, the selected shutter speed, aperture and light meter indications are visible. Its viewing hood contains a fresnel screen with red grid lines (5×5) to help composition. For exact focusing, it has a magnifyingloupe. The back plate of the waist level finder could be flipped open to expose the sports finder for additional composition possibilities.

    The camera is loaded by opening the bottom: turn towards the “O” to open. It uses 120-rollfilm only, on which it takes 6×6 pictures (or more accurately: 55mm × 55mm)


Additional Information

Product Condition

“like new minus” – the rating of the equipment is at 97 to 99 percent of original condition. only the closest inspections will reveal slight wear. perfect glass, but the box and accessories are usually not included.
“excellent plus” – rates 90 to 96 percent of original condition. exceptionally nice, but may have slight wear on finish visible only under close inspection. glass will be very clean.
“excellent” – 80 to 89 percent of original. shows moderate wear for the age of the item, with the possibility of small dings or blemishes. glass may have slight blemishes but will not affect picture quality.
“bargain” – items are 70 to 79 percent of original condition. more than average wear for the age of the item, and may have dents, dings or finish loss. glass may have marks or blemishes, but should not affect picture quality.
“ugly” – the look only a photographer would love. “ugly” means equipment is rough, with multiple impressions in metal, excessive finish loss and brassing. glass will have marks, fungus and/or haze which will affect picture quality.


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