Nissin Di622 Digital TTL Flash for Canon

Used Nissin Di622 Digital TTL Flash for Nikon


Condition: Excellent Condition


  • Goes into sleep mode after 30 seconds of idling, and to power saving mode after 5 minutes
  • Includes built-in wide angle diffuser and catch light reflector

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Product Description

The Nissin Di622 Digital TTL Shoe Mount Flash is designed to support digital cameras as well as film SLR cameras. With features like auto-zoom, tilt and swivel head, 6 power ratio settings, and built-in slave function, this flash is ready for any situation.

This flash supports the latest versions of TTL operation, including E-TTL II, and can also be used with digital cameras. Its AF assist light can help the camera to focus in low-light conditions. The vertical tilted reflector allows for effective composition of photos, and a built-in catch light reflector can be used to further improve the light composition.

Type Shoe Mount
Guide No. 144′ (44 m) at 105mm
Angle of Coverage 84-23° (24-105mm lenses in 35mm format)
94.5° (20mm with Wide Panel supplied)
Variable Power 1/1, 1/2, 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th & 1/32nd
TTL Dedication Yes
Bounce Head Yes
Swivel Head Yes
Zoom Head 24-105mm (flash senses focal length & adjusts)
Off Camera Terminal No
Recycle Time 6 seconds (based on fresh alkaline batteries & full power)
4 seconds (based on fresh Ni-MH batteries & full power)
Power Source Four 1.5-Volt “AA” batteries (alkaline, lithium, NiCad & NiMH)
Dimensions 5.5 x 3 x 2″ (140 x 76 x 51mm) WxHxD


Additional Information

Product Condition

EX+ Excellent Plus This rating of equipment is at 90 to 96 percent of original condition. Extremely nice, but close inspection may reveal slight finish wear. The glass will be very clean.


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