Nikon F FTn w/ 50mm F1.4

Used Nikon F FTn w/ 50mm F1.4


Condition: Excellent Condition


The Nikon F FTN introduced the semiautomatic maximum aperture indexing and shutter speeds displayed in the viewfinder. The maximum aperture scale is visible on the face of the finder just above the lens. This is the only F Photomic finder with the shutter speed displayed in the viewfinder.

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Product Description

Type: 35mm single-lens reflex.
Shutter: Dimpled titanium-foil focal plane. Shutter speeds from 1 to 1/1000 sec. plus B and T. Built-in self-timer 3 to 10 sec.
Synchronization: FP and X synchs adjustable with synch selector according to the shutter speed to be used. M- and MF-class bulbs also usable. X synch at 1/60 sec. or slower. PC-plug socket provided. Hot-shoe contact for Nikon cordless flash unit.
Viewing/focusing: Eye-level pentaprism finder with built-in exposure meter covers 100% of the picture field. Interchangeable with four other finders. Shutter speed indication visible in lower finder viewfield. Type A Focusing Screen with matte/Fresnel field and central split-image rangefinder. Interchangeable with 17 other screens. Depth-of-field preview button provided.
Exposure metering: Through-the-lens center-weighted measurement at full opening.
CdS exposure meter powered by two 1.3V mercury batteries. Meter needle visible in and atop the finder.
Range of metering: EV2 – EV17 at ASA 100 (e.g. f/1.4, 1/2 sec.- f/11, 1/1000 sec.).
ASA sensitivity setting: 6 – 6400.
Maximum aperture setting: f/1.2 – f/5.6.
Meter diaphragm coupling:f/1.2 – f/32. Couples with both diaphragm and shutter speed dial.
Other features: 135° film-winding lever (throw-angle 15°; multi-stroke winding also possible). Removable back allows adaptation of motor drives. Mirror lock-up. Various accessories to comply with any photographic situation. Automatic “0” resetting frame counter. Crank-type film rewinding.
Lenses: Standard: 50mm f/2, 50mm f/1.4 and 55mm f/1.2 Nikkor Auto lenses. Nikon F bayonet mount. More than 40 Nikkor interchangeable lenses available.
Dimensions (body): 147 x 102 x 67mm (5-25/32 x 4-1/32 x 2-5/8 in)
Weight (body): 86Og (1.9 Ib)


Additional Information

Product Condition

EX+ Excellent Plus This rating of equipment is at 90 to 96 percent of original condition. Extremely nice, but close inspection may reveal slight finish wear. The glass will be very clean.


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