Shutterspeed Solutions

Shutter Speed Solutions Workshop


Suggested Prerequisite: Camera Specific Class


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What you will learn:

  • How to effectively shoot while panning with your subject.
  • How to choose correct shutter speeds to freeze action
  • How to effectively show motion with slow shutter speeds
  • What ISO should be used in various situations

In this two hour hands on class, we will explore the options available to you for controlling the shutter speed settings on your camera. Understanding the shutter speed you would use for different situations is one of the most important concepts you will want to know to get those consistent great action photos. Why does changing your ISO affect the shutter speeds you can use? We will experiment with panning your camera to stop action and create blur by taking some photos outside the classroom.  In addition CCC will have various stations setup outside for more hands-on shooting. The instructor will give you advice and critique those photos as you shoot. This is a perfect class to attend for anyone wanting to learn about shutter speed techniques and to take their images to the next level.

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2 hours