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Critique is an essential skill


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What you will learn:

• How do leading lines & framing affect how people view your images
• How Lightroom & Photoshop can be used to improve your images
• How do different lenses and shooting angles affect composition
• Lighting & exposure tips

Take After: Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO

Critique is an essential skill for any photographer. It allows you to analyze your images effectively while you are shooting and/or editing. You will learn how to weed out the bad, and spend more time editing the good. In this 90 minute seminar, instructor John Muchow will go over the fundamentals of critique. For each submitted image, he will emphasize composition, focus, exposure/light, and post-processing.

This seminar is limited to 10 participants and 3 images per person. During your portion of the critique, your images will be displayed on the monitor for all to see. You will also witness what John’s trained eye observes from each participant’s images, and hear his thorough analysis.

Additional Notes: Sign-ups will end Tuesday March 5th at 8PM. Each participant is expected to bring full resolution photo files (.jpg file format) to the Springfield store before this deadline. (Images saved to a CD or USB will work the best)

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