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Creating a Panoramic Photo – Lecture Q&A


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Creating a Panoramic Photo – Lecture Q&A

This class is for anyone who has a desire to improve their efforts when taking panoramas. You will observe the process of creating a panoramic image via photo stitching. This allows a photographer to increase image quality and allows for large print sizes. This class will not only teach you how to shoot but also create panoramic images.

In this class our instructor will cover the camera & tripod setup for panoramas, exposure settings, how to properly focus, and using Photoshop & Lightroom to “stitch” & crop your images.

Who should attend: Intermediate level Photographers
Take After: Photography Foundations; Camera Specific class; Shutter Speeds, Aperture and ISO

What you will learn:
• How to plan for and focus a panoramic photograph
• How to use the manual mode to control the exposure & light
• What equipment will benefit you while shooting panoramas
• Post processing of images in panoramic images in Lightroom & Photoshop

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