Macro Photography Workshop


A Lecture and Hands-On Shooting Workshop


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 A Lecture and Hands-On Shooting Workshop

Take after: Shutter Speed, Aperture/f-stops and ISO.

• How to Create Exciting Dynamic Images with a Macro Lens
• How Choosing Your ISO Gives You Creative Control
• Using “Bokeh” for Creating Those Beautiful Blurred Backgrounds
• Why Your f-Stop/Aperture Setting is Critical for Sharpness
• Shoot at Different “Photo Sets” to Practice with the Instructor’s Guidance
• Using Manual Mode to Control Your Exposures

DESCRIPTION: You will take this two-part class in one day with a lecture Q&A first and then you will use your camera to shoot with your macro lens and apply shutter speed and aperture settings that will create the best exposure combinations for each subject. We will have these set up for you in our studio to help you practice techniques as the instructor advises you about settings and critiques as you shoot. Because this is a hands-on class, bring your camera, macro lens, flash and tripod.

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3 hours