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Do you strive to take professional looking images rather than “snap-shots”?

In this free lecture, our instructor will show you how to create a great composition in order for your images to stand out. Questions such as, “How do I effectively use lines?”, “What lens should I use?”, and “How do I apply the Rule of Thirds?” will be answered. You will observe how the appropriate lens, the camera’s position, and the artistic placement of your photo’s elements can make a huge difference in your travel and landscape photographs.

What you will learn:
• How to make your travel/landscape images stand out
• What is the rule of thirds
• How do leading lines & framing affect how people view images
• How do different lenses and shooting angles affect composition

Who Should Attend: Beginners & Intermediate Photographers

Take After: Photography Basics, Photography Foundations

Feb 3rd 9AM-10AM Springfield, IL Location

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1 hour