Field Trip: Twilight/ Time Exposures


St. Louis
Who should attend: Beginners and Intermediate Photographers


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Twilight/Time Exposure Field Trip

Join us for this Field Trip to learn the techniques of long time exposures used to create those dynamic shots of the car lights as they travel on highway 64. We will show you how to get the best exposures and that “perfect’ shutter speed and f-stop combination to capture those cool long exposure shots. Don’t miss this trip to learn from the Creve Coeur Professionals at this exciting location.
Bring your tripod, cable release or remote and wide lenses (12 to 18mm)

Who should attend: Beginners and Intermediate Photographers

This class is limited to 20 attendees
Meet at: Overpass on S. Woods Mill Road over highway 64 (park just south of Hwy 40/64 in one of the parking lots near Massa’s Restaurant).

Due to the limited number of spaces available for any School of Imaging field trip or photo-walk, we regret that refunds cannot be issued for cancellations occurring less than 24 hours before the meet-up time for the event. We appreciate your understanding. You must prepay for this class and receipts will be gathered at the class.

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1.5 hour