FIELD TRIP: Forest Park Adventures #3


Forest Park Adventures: Series 2


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Forest Park: “There’s a lot to see in America’s greatest urban park!” Series 3

June in all it’s glory encased in 2 square miles of the best urban/wild nature mix in America! Join us as we few, we happy few, we band of sisters and brothers, advance the standards of photographic excellence in our serendipitous wanderings through St. Louis’ Town Square.

• Practice your bird photography
• Enter the world of the small with macro lenses
• Observe the other inhabitants of our small planet
• Find some great vistas

This class is limited to 20 attendees.

Who should attend: Beginners and Intermediate Photographers

Recommended accessories:

  • Normal zoom
  • Super wide angle
  • Macro
  • 300mm or longer telephoto
  • Flash (Useful for macro work)
  • Rain protection
  • Good walking shoes.

Meeting Point: We’ll meet by 6:00 pm at the end of the Steinberg Ice Rink parking lot, closest to the skating rink, 400 Jefferson Drive, St. Louis, MO 63110


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3.5 hours