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Eclipse Photography Class

When: August 21, 2017 12pm to 2pm
Where: Desoto, MO (exact location to be determined at a later date, you will be notified via email.
How much: FREE! (Registration Required!)
In this class we will get you prepared for this unique photo opportunity of photographing a total Solar eclipse.

What you will need:
1. Solid tripod (best one you can buy to hold a heavy lens)
2. Long telephoto lens for your DSLR camera (at least 300mm, 500 or 600mm is better; take test shots of the full moon to practice your technique with a long lens on a tripod)
3. NASA approved Solar White Light Filter (we have these in stock at our stores by the Star Guy). You will use this filter while the eclipse is not total. During totality only (about 2 minutes in length) it is perfectly safe to look right at the sun and take photos without the filter.

We will meet at the location and help you get prepared so when the eclipse starts, you can capture some great photos.
See you on the 21st!

Cost: Free! (Registration Required!)

Length: 2 hours

This class is limited to 80 attendees.

Instruction by CCCAMERA Instructors

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2 hours