FIELD TRIP: Arcadia & the Pinball Museum




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Arcadia & the Pinball Museum – NEW PHOTO FIELD TRIP

What you will learn:

  • How to use aperture effectively to control depth of field
  • What ISO should be used
  • How to evaluate scene exposure & spot metering
  • How to create images with interesting angles & composition

Experience the nostalgia, the lights, and sounds of a pinball & video arcade!  During this 2 hour field trip our instructors will show you how to set your camera and lens to capture professional quality interior & macro images.  You will also learn about depth of field, white balance, and camera settings while shooting in challenging light.

We have reserved this facility for 2 hours of photo instruction.  This is a functional arcade/business and you will have exclusive access.  A limited number of functional pin ball machines will be on display without the glass cover allowing you to get close & avoid glare in your macro images.  Come join us and take your photography to the next level with this hands-on photo walk!

Please bring your camera, tripod, flash, macro lens or wide angle lens.

Where:  Arcadia 107 S. Hamilton St. McLean, IL 61754

This Class is limited to 12 attendees

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