Allow us to introduce you to our September Customer Spotlight: 

Nick Livingston 

Nick is one of our great customers from the St. Charles location.

It’s been a pleasure to witness Nick’s Journey with photography firsthand, and he was kind enough to share how he got his start.

As an adventure athlete working in the motorcycle industry I am always on the move, traveling through some of the most beautiful areas imaginable. I found myself pushing my iPhone to the limits, although it captured many wonderful moments it ran out of creativity.  Not sure what I was doing or looking for I turned to Creve Coeur Camera (St Charles Store) where I purchased a Canon M3, then the Canon 6D before settling with the Canon 5D Mark IV. Through the help of the staff at CCC I have gained a vast knowledge of the equipment that helps me to capture the moments that I most enjoy, making it possible for me to go from amateur photographer to professional photographer in just under two years.

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I consider myself a lifestyle photographer, my goal is to create photographs that create an emotion, striking a chord with the viewer. There are a lot of things that I like about photography; however what I love the most is the creativity. Great photographs are not by mistake they are the result of someone who worked really hard, reading everything they could get their hands on, hanging out at the camera store, spending countless hours behind the lens.

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I spend a great deal of time in the western part of the US, so to say that I have a favorite location to shoot, or even a top 10 locations list would be impossible.  I recently spent a week shooting in Idaho during the forest fire season where the smoke filled the air and allowed for some pretty amazing natural filters, and two weeks from now I will be shooting in Southern Utah at the infamous Monument Valley.


I fall in love with most of my photographs, with each being unique from one another.  It is hard to say that I have just one favorite.  I guess those that my wife or kids are in I would consider closest to my heart, but a winter golden hour shot in the Mojave Desert is hard to top.

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INSTAGRAM: @rodeo.cowboy


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