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refunds, returns & exchange

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a product, simply return your purchase with your original receipt to the store where you made your purchase and we will gladly exchange or refund your money – please read our full return and exchange policy.


7 days*
including but not limited to, digital cameras, digital video, lenses, printers, media cards, lighting.

used equipment

1 Day (24 Hours)
Due to the nature of used equipment we can only accept returns within 24 hours.
Returns after 24 hours are subject to a minimum 10% per day restocking fee OR store credit will be issued for the returned equipment. We will NOT accept returns after 7 days. However, all used equipment is covered by a 30 day warranty.


30 Days
No returns on film and photographic paper

*return requirements

  • All Equipment MUST be returned to the store where it was purchased
  • Returned products must be in brand new, mint condition
  • Items must be in the original, undamaged manufacturer’s packaging with all packaging material, including instruction booklets, packing inserts, and plastic bags.
  • The warranty card must be included and blank.
  • Software must be unopened and in the original sealed packaging.
  • Any Blister packed items or products that come in hard plastic wrap can only be returned if unopened and in original condition.
  • Any restocking fee will be charged based on our assessment.
  • Cash refunds are only given if under $50 or the return is the same day as the purchase. All other cash refunds are issued by check.