Why Should I Shoot Raw?

May 15, 2013

In the most simple terms....it's give you substantially more information in which to adjust your photos.

In the two images below you will see the differences. Â The Raw image has so much more information that I was able to find the detail in the sky. Â The Jpeg image was blown out in the sky and no matter how much I adjusted the image or even the specific area in the cloud, all I got was white or a huge amount of unrealistic colors.

Both images were shot at the same time from the same camera.  Both were metered in matrix, but the Jpeg does not have enough information.  And when it is stored... it compressed the image...I lost the sky.

Why you use Adobe (Photoshop/Elements or even Lightroom) you generally have 5 stops in either directions to adjust the image or even parts of the image as I did with the sky. Â Shooting in Raw is wonderful.

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