Why is a REAL camera better than my phone?

November 1, 2016

Why is a REAL camera better than my phone?

I hear people say, I've got a camera…it's called my phone. And while your phone probably does have a camera on it, a REAL camera is so much better. The resolution, the zoom capabilities, the low-light performance and versatility are all lost with a phone camera.

I, like everyone else out there, take tons of photos on my phone. It's always on me and extremely convenient. It is a true multi-tasker. Have you ever tried making an important print from that pic you snapped that is so radiant on your small backlit phone screen, but just does not look good when printed? I can get maybe a 5x7 size print without losing resolution from a phone pic. When printed, the colors look dull and lifeless. Now when I pull out my camera, it produces much more detailed images that I can edit and make look exactly how I want them to! I may not enlarge and print every picture I take, but photos captured with a REAL camera I have the option!

When you zoom in with your camera phone you are just cropping into the image, therefore worsening the quality of your photo! With a real camera there is a REAL optical (through the lens, aka still good quality) ZOOM. I can reach out to that elephant splashing up water and still get a quality photo, which I can then print out, again, at whatever size I want! Â People also look better when you use a zoom lens and get closer, a wide angle phone lens will distort the people, and edges of your picture.

Most pictures taken with a phone on bright sunny days come out pretty amazing, right? Right., What about when you're inside at a restaurant, or a concert, or say your living room? They can look very grainy and blurry. Why is this? First and foremost, the size of the image sensor. An image sensor is where the light is focused from the lens. The size is is responsible for its low-light performance and color accuracy. The larger this sensor is, the better it can handle the available light and process it into a beautiful image. Understandably, the sensor on phones is significantly smaller than that of a camera sensor.

Not all digital cameras have interchangeable lenses, but those that do offer a lot of versatility that a phone does not. There is a lens for every occasion. If you're wanting beautiful landscape photos

There are wide angle lenses. If you like taking pictures of bugs and flowers there are macro lenses. If you like taking pictures of people, there are portrait lenses. Truly limitless options.

Speaking of limits, when I went on vacation last month I was walking around taking photos of the delicate arch in Utah I met an older couple taking photos with their phone. The man asked if I would take a photo of him and his wife, but before I could he had to delete some pictures really quickly because he ran out of storage. I told him not to worry about it, then took a photo of them with my camera, used my wi-fi adapter and emailed him a high resolution version. Remember, REAL cameras have removable memory that is very easy to manage and back up, so if you run out of space, just insert another memory card.

Next time you're about to go on vacation or to your grandma's 90th birthday party, maybe you'll consider bringing a real camera for those memories to be captured in high quality! Don’t think you need a BIG camera to have a BIG image sensor; some manufacturers have understood this and have new products that are more compact and manageable, yet have amazing performance. Come in to Creve Coeur Camera for a demonstration of how a REAL camera can really make a difference.


-Crystal Fuller, Assistant Manager, O'Fallon, IL