Why Do We Print?

March 23, 2016

A big part of what Creve Coeur Camera does is simply printing images. Today it’s a lost art and our children won’t have pictures of their childhood.

Do you remember sitting on the couch, with your Grandma, or your Uncle Steve, looking at photo albums? All those images, all those shared stories. Just opening up a drawer and finding a photo at the bottom can make you feel special and remember that time in your life. We’re losing that. People are taking more pictures than ever, Selfies posted on Instagram or Twitter... pictures of your 9 year old’s soccer game on Facebook. Friends at a party sent via Snapchat. We record dozens of memories every day, but what do we do with them? We may have those pictures backed up to ‘the cloud’ but most of us have no idea how to get at them. Sometimes, we even download them onto a CD, then we toss that CD into a drawer, and once that Facebook post slides down your timeline, no one sees it anymore. We’ve forgotten we even took the picture. Save your pictures for the next generation. Do something with all the moments you capture every day. PRINT THEM! Preserve your memories! Keep them on your desk or next to your heart. Put together a book of your holiday party, or your daughter’s graduation. Make a canvas of that picture of your child with the cat. We work in this business because we have a passion for preserving memories. We believe in the smiles of kids in a frame hung by the front door. We take great joy in producing that metal print of your vacation, or the canvas in your living room. We live to bring back that moment on the couch, photo album spread across old knees and young knees. We print because it’s what we care about. Yes, we want you to print with us. But most importantly, we just want you to print. We want you and your loved ones to share the joy and the excitement we feel about photography. Time moves on, but photos capture the memories. And there isn’t a better way to share those memories for all time than by printing them. That’s what we truly believe. It’s why we print! Your Memories, Our Passion.