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August 26, 2016

got shipped...get in my backpack!

Anyway, a couple days ago we received a new ring light with a stand. I was immediately intrigued, as I mostly take portraits. I assumed the price tag would be around $500.00 and I would jot it down on my never ending list of things I need...err really want.

The price is actually $170 with a stand! We sold one within the first couple of hours of having it in the store!

What is a ring light anyway? It is exactly what it sounds like...it is a circle of led lights with a switch for varying brightness that will give you that "Disney sparkle" in your subject's eyes.

If you're thinking I don't really like the cool led lights, I prefer much warmer natural tones. Not to worry! The ring light comes with a warming diffusion panel as well!

What will I carry this thing in? Glad you asked. It also comes with a carrying case!

By Crystal Wasson - Assistant Manager,

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