What do I do with these vacation photos?

August 12, 2016

As our summers begin to wind down, much like the great days of summer settle into beautiful sunsets and awesome photo ops, we find ourselves with a massive number of pictures sitting on the memory card in the camera. Â NOW WHAT?

Like all of us, the temptation to ignore them my images is so attractive. Don’t do it!

Maybe they will just print themselves!  No chance!  Don’t let all your events stack up and languish inside your camera…Christmas 2015 should not still be on your photo card!!!

There are spectacular treasures awaiting you in there!! Get Going!

First things first, let’s get those pictures secured - either onto a computer or a back-up cd. Where do you get that done?  Creve Coeur Camera of course!  Our kiosks can quickly back those images up and allow you the chance to pick out some of your best pictures of your trip.

Part two of our project is the fun part, I promise! Â FIND SOMETHING UNIQUE TO DO WITH THE BEST OF YOUR IMAGES!! Â If you are like me there are only a few pictures that encapsulate the trip better than all the others. Â These are the ones I want to find a special way to display.

Metals, Canvas and Books…(oh, my!)

These are my favorite items to create.  A metal is perfect for the image that you want to make certain “pops”. The colors are super vibrant and ideal for outdoor shots like landscapes and sunsets.

Canvases are great for a softer look. Â Family poses and beautiful clouds, great shots of the kids and such make for impressive canvas prints.

Books are the best for inviting everyone to share your adventures from the summer. Â There are a myriad of templates inside our kiosks that can really make your books unique and show your images in the best possible way. Â (Placed on a coffee table, a book is fun to reminisce with the family or to torment anyone invited to dinner!)

A good number of our customers, including myself, use metals and canvases together to create a wall montage of many great images. It doesn’t have to be over the top. A couple canvas and a couple of metals in varying sizes makes a fun and eye catching addition to the family room!

Whatever you do, get on those images!

-Â Loren Leiser - Creve Coeur Store