Is Film Dead or Not? Honestly...

April 23, 2015

Late Night at Creve Coeur Camera presents...

Written by the employees at our  location

. Being able to create your own Pinhole Camera!

(You have to do something with your stockpile of old oatmeal canisters)

. TRUE B&W- Not that mamby pamby, digitalized, filter-shoped stuff.

. Cross processing is wicked cool. So. Much. COLOR.

. Multiple exposures

Multiple exposuresMultiple exposures

Multiple exposuresMultiple exposuresMultiple exposures

. Rediscover your Grandpa’s AE1 because your Dad’s Digital Rebel pooped out. There's always a way.

color - The luminosity is almost 3D. It’s spooky.

. Get 24 precious images because you care. Not 250 images, just so you can throw away 249. Quality > Quantity.

. Holgas create that "wild" image on each frame, you might even catch a ghost! It’s actually a law. Ghosts don’t do digital.

Infrared! So, um...check out life through some IR film.

And the NUMBER ONE reason film is NOT dead.