The New Nikon D5 DSLR Flagship Camera: Why It's Right For You

January 19, 2016

Now that the dust has settled since Nikon's announcement of their new D5 DSLR flagship camera's upcoming release, it's time to dissect who the camera is really for. Unsure whether the new D5 is enough of a quality jump to warrant an upgrade? Concerned whether or not the D5 will grow with your camera needs for the next decade or whether it’s a good introduction to Nikon’s DSLR lineup? Well question no further, the answers are here!

Sporting a brand new 20.8MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor and Nikon’s EXPEED 5 image processor, a brand new 153 point autofocus system (99 of which are cross-type), and boasting an impressive speed of 12 or 14 fps, the new Nikon D5 is a beast of a camera ready to tackle even the most difficult shooting scenario.

At first glance, the fully weather-sealed magnesium alloy body of the D5 appears very similar to the previous D4s, but under the hood is a world of upgrades. Capable of expanding to 3,280,000 ISO (yes, you read that correctly) the new D5 goes leaps and bounds past its predecessors’ limitations.

Supporting the use of either dual CF or dual XCD memory slots, the choice is yours on how much buffer room you need for your photography interests. With the use of speedy XCD cards, the new Nikon D5 will be capable of buffering 200 RAW shots before showing any signs of sluggishness. Pretty impressive.

Rated to last nearly 3,800 shots per charge, once you unplug the new Nikon D5 it’s ready for any curveballs you may throw at it in a day. Fast enough for even the most active sports photographers, capable of low-light photography without tons of bulky lighting equipment, and weather-sealed just in case the universe has other ideas for your photo shoot timing, the new Nikon D5 is as well-rounded and capable as they come. The D5 is the perfect camera (upgrade or not) for the photographer who needs the world at their fingertips and the ability to capture it. Here's where to preorder it NOW!Â