The Magic Hour!

February 13, 2013

Most professional photographers know the term “the magic hour”. This term refers to about an hour just before sunset when the sun is at a pleasing angle to the earth and the light is “perfect” and warm. And it’s actually two hours…just after the sun rises and just before the sun sets.

Colors just seem to pop, the sky gets beautiful colors and subjects take on a warm glow and photographs take on a vast amount of saturation. This is exceptionally wonderful for taking portraits with the sun to the side or even just behind the subject. Additionally the sun at these times seems to wrap the subject in more of a gentle glow as opposed to other times of the day.

I have discovered a simply wonderful free (iPhone) app called “Magic Hour”. It’s simple…it uses your phone to find your location and then tells you what time the sunset is and how long the “magic hour” is….which sometimes is slightly long than an hour!

I love this app for traveling.

The images below represent some that were shot at the “magic hour” and some that were not….just look at the race cars…it looks so much better at that special time!

Late afternoon....the crab just glows!

With or without the app, remember to explore this special time and the wonderful atmosphere this light can provide. Have fun!