Should I shoot video with DSLR?

July 15, 2016

Getting Started - AMAZING video from your DSLRShoot in 24p

- it’s important to know what frame rate your DSLR is using to shoot video. 24fps (frames per second) is the standard frame rate for a cinematic look. Unless you are capturing video of a sporting event, dance recital, or a subject with excessive motion, 24fps will give you the best results. The reason for this is that 24fps comes closest to emulating the amount of motion blur our eyes perceive naturally. Set your shutter speed manually - In general, it’s best to shoot with a shutter speed that is twice the frame rate being captured. For instance, if you are shooting video in 24fps, you will have to use 1/50, as this is the closest shutter speed. Using this rule of thumb will give your video a smooth & clean motion from frame to frame. However, there are some instances where a faster or slower shutter speed can have an interesting stylistic effect on your video. Use an external microphone – For the best quality audio, it is highly recommended to use an external microphone. It can simply be mounted to your camera’s hot shoe, and wired directly into your camera. The range and clarity of your recording are improved. Many microphones are designed to reduce unwanted audio, both behind and below the microphone. Additionally, the sounds from the camera and its operation also minimized. Use a fast memory card - When capturing video with your DSLR, make sure you are using a card that fully supports HD video recording. Depending on the model of your camera, you will most likely be shooting video either in 1080p or 4K. 1080p requires at least a 40MB/second write speed, while 4K recording may need an UHS-1 type 3 SD card that writes up to 60MB/second. You’ll need help to hold your DSLR steady - There are many forms of stabilization available for your DSLR, and it is important to find one of these tools you are comfortable using. While shaky footage may be a desired stylistic effect, this is not something you would want to re-produce by accident. Whether it’s a simple tripod, monopod, shoulder mount, or even a hands-free system, you’ll want to add stabilization to your DSLR video rig for professional looking video. Aaron Basham - Edwardsville, IL Store [embed][/embed]

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