September Customer Spotlight - Larry R. Prewitt

September 12, 2016

Allow us to introduce you to our September Customer Spotlight: Larry R. Prewitt

Larry frequents our Ellisville, MO location. Here's a little bit more about him!

I use a Nikon 5100 DSLR and have recently switched to an OMDE5 MII due to weight restrictions that I encounter while traveling.

I've always been interested in photography since I was a kid. I didn't really do much until entering the Army and stationed in Okinawa where I bought my first Nikkormat 35mm slide camera. I used it while in the military; also for taking slides for my adult education classes as a professor at Michigan State and the University of Kentucky; and, for pictures of my three children as they grew.

Since my career has been spent developing products for large animals, dogs and cats; my passion is taking pictures of animals. Since animals and grandchildren display many of the same characteristics, my passion extends to taking pictures of my 8 grandchildren. Since retirement, I've been able to rekindle my photographic passions and love to do travel photography with my wife which has included a wildlife safari to Africa.

I just returned from a cruise to Australia and New Zealand and had an opportunity to take a variety of photographs of various ports of call on the cruise including animals, landscapes, mountains, volcanos, seals, architectural buildings including the Sydney Opera House and a wonderful experience at the Hobbit movie set in New Zealand. In addition, we had a weeks vacation at Branson and Silver Dollar City with our three children and their spouses and our 8 grandchildren which kept me busy attempting to catch them in one spot long enough to take a photograph using high speed.

I've been a customer at Creve Coeur Camera for years. No only have I bought my camera and equipment there, but I have also purchased cameras and equipment for my daughter, sons and daughters-in-law. That way, I'm assured of getting plenty of photographs of my grandchildren.

What I appreciate most of Creve Coeur Camera, other than the fact that they have the latest and up to date equipment, is the service before and after the sale. Steve, Phil, Amanda, Dawn and others have bent over backwards to make certain that they provide quick and efficient service. I recently had a problem with my camera and Steve, as president of the company, became personally involved and worked with the representatives of the company to put my camera in excellent working order. Secondly, the training that Creve Coeur Camera offers through schools and special outings with Steve Weiss and Tom Tussey is excellent. I'm just an amateur and am certain that they all get tired of my many questions and requests for assistance but I'm certain that I'm taking better photographs today as a result of the training and assistance provided by all. Every time I walk into the store, whether it be at the Ellisville location or the Superstore, someone is always there to answer any questions no matter how dumb the question may be that I have. Service, quality, training and personal assistance are all the characteristics that I appreciate of Creve Coeur Camera.

Below are some of Larry's great photos!

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