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August 17, 2015

We had our big family gathering for the 4th of July and, trying to embarrass me, my loving mother brought out the old pictures of me to show my children. You know, the usual pictures: me taking care of business, me in the tub, me running around naked, me after I got into my mother’s makeup drawer…all the classics! Of course, my kids love seeing these old pictures of me and, I’m not going to lie, I enjoy a good trip down memory lane every now and then as well.

Now, I have a pretty big gap in ages between my four children. I have a 20 yr. old, 16 yr. old, 7 yr. old, and a 4 yr. old (prayers are always welcomed). When we got home my darling, sweet, 4 yr. old daughter wanted to see OUR family pictures. So I pulled out the photo albums and we started laughing and making fun of the pictures of her two oldest siblings, a families’ duty. When we were done my daughter looked up at me and innocently asked, “Mommy, where are my pictures?” Uh oh. Busted.

How do I explain to her that mommy got her first smart phone about 10 years ago and hasn’t printed a single picture since? Is there a way? Will she understand when I try to explain that the hard drive we had all the pictures saved to died and we lost the majority of the pictures we took? What about all of the times I deleted pictures from my phone (without backing them up) so that I would have room on my phone to download the most recent mind-numbing app? Soooo…I slyly picked up the first album (with the baby pictures of my 20 yr. old daughter) and told her they were of her. AND SHE FELL FOR IT! But I felt

I have four kids but have little to none of their lives documented outside of easily corruptible technologies. More importantly, I’m not going to have any albums to drag out to try to embarrass them to
know nothing about. But alas, I guess I’m going to have to learn, for all their sakes…

So I’ll be recording my progress with the new camera, both ups and downs, and now I have to figure out how we’re going to start printing and sharing again. All the embarrassment, aka LOVE, is one step closer to being done for future generations. Stop back by as we figure this all out