Quick options for editing photos!

January 8, 2018

Now you have wireless connectivity on your new camera, what to do with the photos on your phone? You can edit them of course!

There are some highly capable iOS and Android apps for download (for FREE) that allow you to majorly modify your digital images. Â One of my favorites is Snapseed.

While this is currently distributed by Tech Giant Google, this program had humble beginnings. NiK software was founded to make complicated photo editing easy with "Control Points" that let you selectively edit your digital images. This worked as advertised, and was a huge time saver versus using full-fledged Adobe Photoshop. Â It worked so well, google swooped in and acquired their tech to incorporate into their photo themed Apps.

While Snapseed does a little of everything, I use it mostly for the following.... Transforming an image, selective editing, and the healing brush.

Transforming an image allows you to straighten and correct for the horizon, but also horizontal and vertical perspective adjustment are available. Take a building with slanted lines, and you can correct for the distortion. Like a "SNAP" :0 !  Snapseed also has an "expand" feature that will even fill in your photo if it does not fit into a pre-set size... without cropping. As an example, a rectangle photo, and you have a need for a square. You can add white or black to the edges, or use the "smart" fill and it will attempt to clone the edges of your image to fill in the gap. It’s not always perfect, but better in some instances than cropping your image.

Selective editing is a hallmark of
, using multiple layers and masks to adjust a single part of your image such as a person’s face, or background. With Snapseed you simply drop a control point on where you would like to edit, and you can now adjust the size of the affected area. Now you scroll up or down to choose between Brightness, contrast, saturation and structure (clarity).  You can add multiple points for even more in-depth control. It’s awesome. And Fast.

Healing brush is fantastic when you have unexpected blemishes, or spots in your image. You can easily remove them with this tool. You can always go home and do it on your computer, but this really makes life easy. You can even remove unwanted items from the foreground or background as well. This will take a little practice, but it really can help you polish your images before you post them to social media and share with friends.

There are many other functions (you must also try adjustment brush, and text input) and including a full set of photo filters you can use to manipulate the look and feel of your image. Most of them are fully customizable, giving you a ton of freedom and control over you image.

Snapseed A++ (and FREE)

-Chris Del Gaiso, St. Charles Store Manager