Professional Editing in the Palm of your Hand - Lightroom Mobile

July 16, 2018

If you’ve been in the photography world for any length of time, odds are you’ve heard of Adobe Lightroom – it’s been the biggest name in photo editing for quite a while, and for good reason.
But until recently, if you wanted to take full advantage of all the tools Lightroom had to offer, you had to be sitting at your computer, making it much harder to edit and share your photos on the fly or while traveling.

Thankfully, Adobe has created Lightroom CC Mobile – an Android and iOS app that’s been around for a few years now, but is now more powerful than ever in its most recent update, making it possible to transfer and edit RAW files, backup your photos to the cloud, and export for sharing to social media or ordering prints!

While the app itself is free, it does also tie in with Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription service, which offers cloud storage for your photos, the full desktop version of Lightroom (and a host of other products), and seamless integration between Lightroom CC for your computer and Lightroom CC Mobile. Adobe offers a $10/month subscription that includes Lightroom CC and 1 Terabyte of cloud storage, which can store about 20,000 RAW images from a DSLR or around 200,000 JPEGs – plenty of space for backing up your photos and keeping them safe.

When you import your photos into Lightroom Mobile, they’ll be automatically backed up into Adobe Cloud for you, and a “Smart Preview” will be generated. This is a version of your photo that will take up significantly less space on your phone, but will still be able to be edited fully and exported as a full-quality JPEG. The Lightroom Mobile app also syncs up with Lightroom CC seamlessly, so all of your edits on your phone will show up on your computer, and vice versa. This is perfect for someone who’s traveling and needs to leave their laptop in the hotel while out and about, but still wants to backup and edit throughout the day – just transfer your photos to your phone via Wi-Fi or an SD card adapter, throw them into Lightroom, and you’re all set!

Lightroom Mobile is also constantly being updated, so you’ll never need to buy new software every year just to keep up. For example, with Lightroom Mobile’s most recent update, you can even use your own custom presets from your phone – any presets you had in Lightroom CC will automatically be available from your phone, perfect for if you have a photo you can’t wait to start tinkering with, or if you want to get an idea of how a certain photo will turn out.

Personally, I love using the Lightroom mobile app as a part of my Instagram workflow – as soon as I take a photo I love, I’ll transfer it to my phone via Wi-Fi, spend a few minutes editing it, and off it goes! When the hardest part of the process is coming up with hashtags, you know it’s a beautifully easy-to-use app.

For anyone who’s on the go or wants a simple, easy way to edit their photos, Lightroom CC Mobile is a fantastic solution.