Places Series: London

October 21, 2013

Article and photos by Kelley Moulton, Sales Associate at our Crestwood Store

We see many customers come in to ask advice on their future trips to Europe -- London in particular. Here are some hotspots to photograph and what you will need to take with you to make sure you get the best shot.

Parliament Square/Big Ben/Thames River/Westminster Abbey: This is tourist central for photographs. All in one small area of London, you can see a handful of the most popular tourist attractions. A wide angle lens would be beneficial for the many opportunities you will have for architecture and landscape shots.

Markets: With plenty of unique shopping markets, you are sure to capture some interesting photos of passersby and get a feel for the local hustle and bustle. They also lend themselves to some fantastic food photography and candid shots of the local market-goers. The Borough Market and Portobello Road Market are each diverse in the items they sell and the variety of subjects that you can photograph. Come to the markets with an empty stomach and several pounds in your wallet -- you will not be able to hold yourself back from the excellent food being served and the interesting trinkets and antiques you will find. A versatile lens to take along with you would be a mid-range lens. This will allow you to capture wide-angle shots of the whole market, detailed shots of the food and products, and everything in between. You may also consider a macro lens due to the abundance of vibrant colors and textures.

Stonehenge and Bath: If you are feeling adventurous and want to get breathtaking views of the English countryside, a trip to Stonehenge and Bath is in order. You can find several sightseeing tour bus companies that will run trips to Stonehenge and then to the town of Bath. Plan on spending the majority of your day with these trips, as it will take a few hours to get there from London. Stonehenge is a popular tourist attraction and lends itself to both wide-angle and telephoto shots. With either a polarizer or neutral density filter, you can capture stunning photos of the structures accompanied by the greenery and sky. With bracketing and editing, you can achieve some interesting HDR images as well. Bath is a quaint town a little further through the countryside from Stonehenge. It houses the Roman Baths, which you can tour for an admittance fee. A wide-angle to middle-range lens would be perfect for wandering through the Bath complex, as well as the city. There are street vendors selling fresh produce and flowers out of carts, cobblestone streets, and cute cafe's throughout the town. The old architecture is very photogenic as well.

While in London, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for interesting passersby, street performers, and street life. Like any large city, there is an eclectic gathering of people from all over the world. Our last advice is to keep your camera equipment near you at all times, bring a rain sleeve to protect your gear from the famous London rains, and most importantly… enjoy yourself!

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