Places Series: Kansas City, MO

August 14, 2013

Article  by Jill Hackman, Photo Consultant at our Ellisville Location

Although best known for its barbecue, Kansas City is a pretty city with unique architecture and several different places to take great pictures. If you happen to be in the area, here are some suggestions for great photo opportunities.

Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza has a beautiful Spanish architectural theme in almost all of its buildings, and about 20 fountains dot the entire popular shopping district. While you’re shopping, take a few moments to snap some pictures as you go. If you’re prepared with a tripod and a neutral density filter, you can get some stunning shots of the fountains by using long exposures to show the movement of the water.

For a bustling atmosphere and beautiful colors, go to the City Market on the opposite end of the city. This is a large outdoor market with several stalls full of vibrant fruits and vegetables and a myriad of eclectic shops and restaurants. The market and sits on a hill that overlooks the Kansas City skyline and is almost always filled with people.

And of course, you’ll want to get an awesome skyline picture while you are there. Head to the south side of the city, a little past Union Station.  If you can find a high spot facing toward the city, you will get the best view of buildings getting progressively taller and most of the signs and architectural features will be facing you. A popular spot is the Liberty Memorial, but shooting on the top of the Sheraton hotel’s parking garage in Crowne Plaza is also an excellent place. You have to pay a few dollars to get out of the garage, but it’s worth the effort. Bring a tripod and make sure you get there before sunset to prepare. On a clear night just after sunset, the sky turns a unique purple color and makes a great background for the city lights.

Of course, you don’t have to be searching out places to take pictures if you have your camera ready while you are doing everyday things. Most of the tourist attractions like Union Station and the art and history museums, many of the restaurants, and even the night scene at the Power and Light District offer beautiful photo opportunities without having to search very hard. Just make sure you have your camera with you while you are sightseeing!

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