October Customer Spotlight - Marco

October 21, 2016

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Born in Memphis, TN. October 21, 1985 Marco was influenced by music at a very young age from church to local studios. He was born in to a house where emotions were expressed through music. His mother and father would have band rehearsals in the living room; needless to say he became to be interested in music.

At 14 he began experimenting with music creating and using samples and beats from records. His parents took notice and they arranged him to shadow a deacon at their church in the audio engineering department, his efforts were reward not only in experience but his parent got him a drum machine a simple tool that blew his world wide open with help of his father he learned how to sequence and properly arrange gospel and jazz.

Now at his Blue House Studio he helps artist produce singles and full albums while working on his own unique music.

Over a year ago he started to dabble in photography. Specializing in portrait, fashion and commercial. As with music Marco became engrossed in the photography learning in depth how to create the image that he had in his head. His natural curiosity and love for all things technical allowed him to quickly progress and express himself now in a visual way.

His spontaneous and unique style has captured the attention of clients. His inspiration like his music comes from anything he gets in contact with, which he calls it “Anything, Anyware, Anybody”.

-Video and Biography by Nestor Martinez, Columbia Store Manager