Never miss another shot with 4K!

September 9, 2016

What is 4k photo!

We have people come in to our stores from all skill and experience levels looking to upgrade or buy their first camera. One of the most requested features for their potential new toy is high speed shooting. Â We are told over and over again their current camera (or phone) just does not capture the action like they hoped. They are missing shots of their loved ones in sports action and candid photos. Standard cameras have some basic limitations and without spending thousands on a professional model, speed was always one of them. Then along came the 4k PHOTO mode from Panasonic. You will see this new capability in almost the entire lineup of LUMIX compact and Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

How this works is simple: You shoot a video, and then get to extract a still image at the exact moment you want your picture. This is possible because of the advent of 4k Video (ultra high definition) and some very powerful in-camera processing. The video is comprised of 8 megapixel images, recorded at 30 images every second!

The information recorded is good enough to print a perfect 8"x 10" sized image, and bigger enlargements are possible as well. If you choose to enjoy your images electronically (on screen or online) these pictures have more than enough detail for all of your needs.

Choosing your perfectly timed photo is also simple. Using the touch interface on the rear LCD of the camera, just slide your finger across the bottom as the images play like a film strip, and then you have the option to save the pictures as individual files. The individual files are saved to your SD card, and you can download them to your computer, or transmit them immediately with the Built-in Wi-Fi to your iOS or Android device.

Never miss another shot!

Come on in to Creve Coeur Camera and see this new technology!

You can find a great feature video on 4K

The following images, taken by Sarah (one of our employees) at the Edwardsville location and were captured with the Panasonic Lumix G7 with a 30-100 mm lens attached. For an In-store demonstration (sans water balloons), or more information please visit your local Creve Coeur Camera!

Check out the  4k Photo

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Chris Del Gaiso - Manager at O'Fallon Location