Need a camera that can go anywhere?

September 23, 2016

Have you heard about the newest iteration of Olympus's digital TOUGH series, the TOUGH TG tracker?

Olympus has had weatherproof compact digital cameras for 13 years running, and now they debut their most radical design yet. The camera is ultra-compact (just a tad larger than a GOPRO) and sports the widest lens I have ever shot, a 204 degree SUPER WIDE field of view. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity, and a built in tilting LCD screen, so you can actually see what you are shooting.

This little device can shoot videos at 4k (ultra-high resolution) and HD (high definition), and capture images at 8 megapixel. That's not as high as some other pocket cameras out there, but the pictures from the F2.0 lens is one of a kind. Since the lens is fixed and has no zoom, it lets in more light, and captures lots of fine detail. If you do not care for the super wide field of view, there are 3 other settings that you can shoot with that produce an image with less of a fish eye effect.

This camera can literally go anywhere. It’s set up to attach to almost anything with a standard tripod socket, and a GOPRO style mount. With that comes compatibility with a ton of different accessories that let you be creative with your photos and videos. This camera is all about FUN!


The TOUGH TG Tracker earns its name for its tracking capability, and there is a new Olympus App, O.I. Track, to allow you to chart your progress and combine detailed GPS data alongside your photos. This is great for hiking, biking and trail riding. To find out more about the App, go to this link from Olympus.

The camera is also compatible with the Olympus O.I. Share App, and this gives you a remote shutter capability and live preview from your iOS device or Android. Like the O.I. Track app, you can download your images, and share them immediately. Setting up the O.I. Share App with the TG tracker was a breeze, and took about 1 minute on my iPhone. Just a quick scan of the bar code that popped up on the LCD display and moments later, it was connected.

Why Wi-Fi? If you are not familiar with Wi-Fi capabilities featured on the newest digital cameras, visit us at the store and we will show you how it works! You are able to download your favorite pictures directly to your iOS or android device without needing to run home and copy your images to your computer first. You can also trigger your camera and see your composition on your phone with a live preview. It works best when you want to be included in the photo, or want to compose your shot without being behind the camera. I use this every time for family pictures, especially when you have large groups of people.

For an in-store demonstration of Wi-Fi connectivity, or to check out our selection of TOUGH Olympus cameras, please visit your local Creve Coeur Camera.

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-Chris Del Gaiso - Creve Coeur Camera in O'Fallon IL and Edwardsville, IL