March Customer Spotlight at Springfield IL, Tim Marley

March 3, 2016

Each month we will be highlighting our customer passion and talent for photography and Creve Coeur Camera.

March Customer Spotlight at Springfield IL, Creve Coeur Camera Featuring Tim Marley

We are kicking off the month of March with another one of our Customer Spotlights! Congratulations Tim Marley for being our first March, Spotlight Customer from the Springfield IL Store!

Each month we will be highlighting our customers’ passion and talent for photography and Creve Coeur Camera.

Q: What sparked your interest in photography?

A: Taking pictures for my church’s Wednesday night children’s (K-6) activities.


Q: What makes it photography fun?

A: For me this has been the hardest question to answer. It is hard for me to quantify my passion for this subject. I enjoy the excitement I feel when I know I was able to capture an image that will never be seen again. I love taking pictures of ordinary events / things and making them look extraordinary! I also love how my wife even sees something interesting and says, "Hey, you need to go take a picture of this now!" Being the dutiful husband that I am, I obey.


Q: What was your first camera?

A: Kodak Easyshare CX7330


Q: What do you shoot with now?

A: I have two Nikon D7000s with my two favorite lenses a Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 and a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8.


Q: What type of photography are you most interested in?

A: Landscapes. I enjoy driving around looking for interesting locations. After I find one I love taking my time looking for the best possible angle. My tip for inspiring landscape photographers: never put your tripod down in just one location. Keep moving around; chances are you will find a better location to shoot from than your original location.


Q: Tell us something you would like to share about your photography hobby, skills, etc . . .

A: Over the past couple of years I have enjoyed getting to meet so many new people: from being a photographer for hire for corporate events, family pictures, and weddings, to donating my services for the American Diabetes Association and the Pink Gala Event (an event celebrating women who have gone through or are currently going through breast cancer treatment).

I am always learning and improving my photography. I have learned so much from the classes that Creve Coeur offers.

I enjoy taking my cameras out and experimenting. Every time I pick up my camera I live by my philosophy that, “the worst picture ever taken is the one never taken.”

I also enjoy posting my pictures to my Facebook page:


Q: What do you love about Creve Coeur Camera?

A: Matt and his staff are always so nice to my wife and I. I enjoy walking into the Springfield store and hearing everyone say, "Hey Tim. What's going on? What can we help you with today?" They always show an active interest in what I am currently into and offer ideas and products that help me improve my craft.

A special memory for me was last May when Springfield held a reenactment for the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s funeral. Breck (one of the Springfield store’s employees) and I photographed all three days of the celebration: from taking pictures of the civil war encampment at a local park to walking alongside the funeral procession throughout downtown Springfield out to Oakridge Cemetery. It was awesome that Breck would invite me to hang out with him and take pictures of history in the making. It was an experience that neither one of us will ever forget.

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