Looking for new ways to hang your photos?

October 21, 2016

Looking for new ways to hang your photos?

When I first found my apartment in Tower Grove, I was drawn to all of the original 1930s aspects of it. From the doors and knobs to the archways and windows, it was completely beautiful in a shabby chic kind of way. As soon as I moved in, I wanted to make this dream apartment my own. Working at Creve Coeur Camera, it’s almost obvious that I have a ton of photographs. They range from hundreds of silly Fuji Instax pictures of my friends to beautiful scenery on fine art paper. As I grabbed my hammer and nails, I measured and taped where I wanted all of my framed photos to go. I knew my walls were plaster because the age of the building, but what didn’t come to mind, was the brick behind the plaster that’s really good at bending nails. Feeling defeated, I decided to grab some heavy duty command strips at the drugstore down the street and decided to just stick the frames on my wall. After peeling and sticking about 20 command strips, I finally had success and my apartment looked fabulous.

I crawled into bed feeling rather accomplished and decided to have my first night’s sleep in my new apartment. If you’ve ever lived alone, this is always a weird and scary feeling. New place, new neighborhood and might I mention, completely alone. I gave myself the “you’re an adult, you’ll be fine!” pep talk and fell asleep. I slept pretty well for being in a new place until I heard, what was to me, the loudest boom and crash of my entire life. I jumped up as if I was about to be murdered and ran into my living room where two of my framed photos were in pieces on the floor. With my heart beating out of my chest and almost to the floor with the broken pieces, I saw another photo slip and fall. One might suspect 1930s ghosts, but it turns out the culprits were command strips and frames that were too heavy. After apologizing to my new neighbors, the next day was spent perusing around our photofinishing areas at Creve Coeur Camera and seeing what other options I had.


Like love at first sight, I came across our display of Coda mounted photos. The cool thing about Coda mounted photos is that they look like they are mounted on wood, hardboard or aluminum, but they are, in fact, mounted on foam. The thick foam is actually trimmed in black, white, aluminum or bamboo. It’s incredibly light and the product looks completely finished. They were perfect for my command strips or the old dorm room sticky tack. And speaking of dorm rooms, I’ve found that they are a perfect way to spruce up those drab, cement walls for a more finished look without going the old sticky tack/poster route. Another plus is if you get tired and want to rearrange, all you have to do is unstick them and place them where you want in seconds. They look great! Come see for yourself at any Creve Coeur Camera. The price starts out at only $19.99 for 8x10 prints and they go all the way up to 12x18.

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-Katelyn Jennings, Edwardsville Store Manager