Is Manual Mode the Best Mode?

April 25, 2018

While one of the best ways to learn how the settings of your camera works is shooting in manual mode, that doesn’t mean that it will always be the best mode to choose from in all situations. Using your camera’s shutter priority and aperture priority modes can be very handy. Take advantage of what your camera is capable of.  One example would be when you are taking a fast action shot. You know that you will want to have a faster shutter speed in order to stop the action and a avoid a blurry photo. You can use your camera’s shutter priority mode to set the camera’s shutter speed fast enough to stop the action. Your camera will then set the ISO and aperture (f-stop) for you. This will allow you to take photos quicker without having to worry too much about your settings. I like to use shutter priority when I’m photographing children playing. It allows me to really capture candid moments. Another example would be if you are wanting to control your aperture. Depending on if you are wanting a blurred background or more focus in the frame, the aperture priority can be very beneficial. You can choose how wide-open your f-stop on your lens will be, determining how much light is let in as well as how much focus the frame will have. You can set your aperture and the camera will adjust the ISO and shutter speed accordingly. I like to use this mode when shooting portraits. It allows for me to easily adjust my focal area quickly and continue with my shoot.

Of course you will have to keep in mind how the light will play a part in the final image. With that being said, you may need a tripod if you are needing a longer, slower shutter speed to ensure a sharp image with no camera shake.

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