How Do YOU Find Inspiration?

May 29, 2015

How do you find inspiration? Does it find you or do you have to seek it? Have you ever had to work through, and finish, a project or art-piece without any inspiration? That’s like writing a thesis paper without doing any research, yeah some people might be able to pull it off but those are the minority, not the majority, and they would’ve undoubtedly performed more capably if they had done some preliminary work. So do you wait for the spur of inspiration to start working then? Of course not! Unless you live in an art commune your productivity would be minimal if you waited to be inspired by a moving sculpture or a beautifully spray-painted wall or a gloomy, dilapidated building. So do you surround yourself with inspiration, at home/at work, so that the fire fills you and compels you to get out your equipment and create constantly? Well why not?! Visiting art collective websites, or photography club sites, or even individual artists’ portfolios is a great way to boost your excitement about creating/producing more. Whether you’re simply viewing the works from webpage to webpage or printing out the pieces to hang up on your corkboard, these sites are sure to get you out of your seat!


Macros. Weddings. Concerts. Astrophotography. Studios. It’s all there, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Click, Click, CLICK, until you can’t take it anymore! You won’t be able to stop the creative juices from flowing once you start to surround yourself with things that you aspire to be capable of producing, or even topping!