I'm going on vacation...what should be in my camera bag?

January 30, 2013

Every photographer needs a few basics.Regardless of what brand, type or size of camera you use, don’t leave home without these:

The Basics:

  • Fresh batteries or a freshly charged battery and -- Â and don't forget the charger.
  • Extra Memory Card--formatted, blank and ready for all shooting opportunities.
  • Cleaning cloth -- keep your camera and lens clean to maximize both picture quality and equipment life.

My favorite camera vacation story...

I was given a wonderful 10 day trip aboard a small ship to the Galapagos Islands.  There were over 60 of us on this tip.  I had 3 batteries and 2 cameras and 3 lenses and several other items.  I was not going to miss anything.  This was the trip of a lifetime!!!

On the second day one of the other guests came up to me asking me if she could borrow my charger. Â Guess what...she said "well I charged my camera the night before we left and I thought this would hold me over". Â Any as you guessed...she had a point and shoot...I had my DSLR...her battery just would not fit into my charger. Â LOL

And as you guessed right...the Galapagos Island barely had a food shop let alone a place to buy a camera charger.  After the trip I gave her a copy of my images...and of course...I took several photos of her and her guest.

Blue Footed Boobies from the Galapagos trip

Getting back to what should be in your bag....

Here are the additional items I usually carry:

  • A back-up body and lens. Â Sometimes just a nice point and shoot.
  • A flash light for several reasons - night shooting and safety
  • Besides my normal UV filter, always a polarizing filter, ND filter and a cross-screen filter too.
  • Generally 3 to 4 memory cards. Â You never know what you might see.
  • Some type of tripod. Â Usually a Travel size carbon legged or at least a mini one for night shots.
  • And a USB multi-card reader. Â Regardless if I carry a laptop or not. Â It may come in handy!

I hope this helps make your next trip more successful with your camera.