How do you set up a simple home surveillance system?

July 19, 2016

First: choose how many cameras you need for your home!

Second: Go to Creve Coeur Camera and check out the 2 models of security cameras from Simply-Home. The first is a pan/tilt model ($89.99 ea), and the other is a standard wall mount type ($79.99ea).

Third: set up the cameras where you want them & download the FREE app!

Fourth: use the app to be notified if motion is detected, get live audio & video, and control the pan/tilt cameras from anywhere your phone gets service!

You can talk to anyone inside your home via the app… “Get out of my house!”

Cameras can be set to record continuously to a memory card or just when motion is detected.

You are not limited as far as the number of cameras… you can always add more cameras later!

720 HD video quality.

The app is EASY TO USE!

Please stop by your local
store for a demonstration.

Matt Nolte, Springfield IL Store