How Do I Shoot Bubbles?

May 15, 2014

Shooting bubbles is really very simple. I suggest you get either a small glass or a small clear tray.

Making the bubbles can be done in a couple of ways or the combination of the following works. I generally just use dishwashing soap and mix it around on the surface of the water. Sometimes I add a very small drop of oil to the water for smoothness. Or just use oil and water…it’s a completely different kind of bubble!

Sometimes I use natural light and sometimes a flash. Regardless use a tripod and make sure you lens is completely perpendicular to the bubbles and a small aperture like f16 or greater. There is a balance between the ISO and natural light…but I stay usually at 100 ISO in order to be able to crop in on the image.

As far as a lens….if you have a macro…use it…if not almost any normal lens will work. Think about this…it’s not the whole image that makes the picture, it usually a cropped portion.

There are several ways to make the bubbles colored. Any of these can be done separately or in combination.

1. Use food coloring.

2. Place different colored towels or fabric below the glass or tray.

3. Use gels with your flash. A single one or split them on the face of the flash.