How comfortable are you with your camera?

October 11, 2016

How comfortable are you with your camera?

No, I’m not talking about using your camera, though we can help you with that, too. I mean how comfortable are you physically with your camera? Something many people tend to overlook when using a camera are the ergonomics of photography. While our options as photographers can be limited when it comes to changing the grip and button layouts of our cameras, we have much more control when it comes to altering another important feature of using a camera: how we carry them.

More often than not, when I see someone bringing their camera into one of Creve Coeur Camera stores or taking pictures out in the real world, they usually have a simple black strap with the camera manufacturer’s logo printed or woven into the side of it. Don’t get me wrong; I know some people like and prefer these straps. For those of you who, like myself, aren’t crazy about the factory strap or are simply curious about what else is out there, an alternative does exist.

Instead of the traditional neck strap that we’re used to seeing on a camera, a few companies, like Black Rapid and Peak Design, have launched a selection of shoulder sling straps. These straps are designed to be easy to use and make it very easy to simply grab your camera and take a picture, all while letting it rest more comfortably at your side. Having the strap resting on your shoulder takes all the pressure off of your neck. Using a strap designed to sit across your torso adds more safety for your camera than simply slinging your neck strap over your shoulder, too. If you use a tripod, don’t worry about it. These camera strap systems are designed to work with most of today’s standard quick release plates. So, whether you are just curious about these new options or simply tired of that literal pain in your neck, grab your camera and stop on by any of Creve Coeur Camera’s eight locations and we’ll be more than happy to help you find which design and style works best for you.

Here are some examples of our Peak Design straps!

-Nick Butcher, Edwardsville, MO Location