How are people taking those 360 degree photos?

August 9, 2016

The Ricoh Theta S is a new kind of point & shoot camera that allows you to capture 360° photos with a single shutter click!

The stats…

  • It can shoot 14mp still pictures
  • Full HD video at 15 frames per second.
  • Twin f/2.0 lenses.
  • A dedicated smart phone app.
  • An internal 8 gigabytes of storage, & built in rechargeable battery.

The twin f/2.0 lenses mean you can always take advantage of the available light whether indoors or out. The app lets you take control of the camera and get a live preview of the still photos. You have an easy auto mode with automatic exposure and dynamic range compensation. If you want to take more control, there is a shutter-priority mode, an ISO priority mode, and a full manual mode. The internal memory and battery is nice because there is less to pack or lose. There is enough memory to hold around 1600 pictures or one hour of video. The battery life is a bit harder to nail down because it all depends on usage but from what I read with Wi-Fi turned-on you should get around 260 pictures per charge. Now that I’ve played with the Theta-S I know that you can get some really cool pictures in what is a very small package. Check out the images below!


Check out the latest Theta video from our Cathedral Basilica St. Louis Photo Field Trip. This was shot by Scott Rovak, one of our instructors.

By: Breck Markley, Springfield IL Store