Help me with my photography!

June 27, 2016

By Mathew Browne, St. Charles Creve Coeur Camera.

“I want to expand my horizons in photography, but I don’t know where to start!”  It’s a question we hear all the time.  If this is what you find yourself thinking a lot, I have a few quick tips to get the ball rolling.

For starters, go out and just shoot anything and everything.  Don’t only go to the places or things that interest you or that you’ve always shot in the past. There’s no better way to jump start your photography than trying something new!  And while it’s fun to shoot the things you know and love, it can also be a distraction.  When you go out and shoot things that you wouldn’t normally shoot, you’ll find that you can sometimes be more focused on the photographic aspect as opposed to being caught up in an event that you really want to be a part of.

Another tip I can offer is, try to shoot things at different times of the day.  Camera settings can change quite drastically just from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. during sunset.  The time one hour before sunset and one hour after is known as the golden hours.  It’s a great time to shoot.  Knowing what camera settings are ideal for which situations will allow you to be both more efficient, and more importantly more effective, with your camera.Â

To build on this, try shooting at night!  All you really need is a subject and a sturdy tripod and camera remote (very necessary).  You’ll find that you have to adjust your shutter speeds and aperture to settings you may have previously never used.  Even if you find yourself shooting the same types of things you’ve always done, they will always look more different and dramatic at night.

You’ll find there are always new avenues to learn and explore in your photography.  The more things you try, the more fun you’ll have with it.  So take these tips and get out there and start shooting!

As an employee with Creve Coeur Camera did you know we teach everything from camera specific classes too exposure and even night photography.