Fuji X10 - A Fantastic, great small camera for the enthusiastic photographer! * A CCC Presidential Pick

January 28, 2013

I've been shooting since the age of 11 and now 40 years later still love what I do! Â I'm able to enjoy my work and still continue to shoot and be involved with photography.

As the President of Creve Coeur Camera I see hundreds of manufacturer's cameras yearly. Â Most compact cameras are just OK and don't really get me excited. Â Annually, the manufactures even send me a few just because. Â Now today with the Micro 4/3rds and the APS size chips I'm seeing some better results.

Last year I played with one of the Olympus Pen cameras and enjoyed it. Â But as usual it was a little bigger than what I want (as a travel camera) and I had to carry 2 lenses.

So last week I was viewing the used case at our Creve Coeur location and I spotted a Fuji X10. Â It looked almost new. Â So I quickly snatched it up and started playing with it. Â Immediately I was impressed!

I shot a few images inside the house with the flash and some without. They looked nice on the cameras screen...but when I looked on the computer....I got really impressed!  Incredibly sharp and balanced.

Then on Saturday I took it to the transportation museum and the images got even better.

Here are some of the specs and then my 10 reasons to consider this camera:

  1. 12mp Cmos 2/3" Â Chip - Very Sharp
  2. 4X Manual Zoom - Simple and fast zooming
  3. 2.8 - inch Monitor - Just Bright
  4. 12800 ISO - Very low noise
  5. F2.0 lens and great in low light!!!
  6. This camera is full of features including RAW/Jpeg settings.
  7. Plus it even shoots in 10 fps!
  8. It's really small and light about 12 oz
  9. Movies are HD 1080 at 30/fps
  10. Shoots up to a 4000/second...WOW!

Stephen Weiss, President