Customer Testimony: Mirrorless Camera

January 20, 2018

Have you been looking at a mirrorless camera and wondering why you should make the jump? One of our customers, Justin made the switch in 2017 and hasn't looked back! He had a few things to share with us recently and some photos! So we wanted to pass it along to you!

Justin used to shoot a Pentax DSLR, but switched to Panasonic within the last few months. He now owns a Panasonic LX100 and a Panasonic G85. He uses his gear for lifestyle family photos of his wife and adorable little girl, as well as vacation photos.

He loves the practicality of the size and weight, and was blown away when he realized that all of his recent vacation pictures straight out of camera were exactly what he expected, no editing needed. What a time saver!!

In his words: “I hope you sell a bunch of them, very amazing gear!”

Photos by Justin Hamblin

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