10 Tips for Better Family Vacation Photos...

January 24, 2013

1. Â Shoot your photo as if your were making a book. Â Make sure you shoot images at each locations of the scenery, your family and the details. Â This will help make your review of your vacation at a later date more memorable. Â If traveling out of the country...make sure you shoot the people too.

2. Â Always have your camera with you....don't leave it in the room!

3. Â Be aware of the sun. Â If shooting portraits of your family with the sun behind them...turn on your flash. Â Or as a general rule...always shoot outdoor shots of people with the flash set to on.

4. Â Make sure your lens is clean...we see thousands on "soft" photo from dirt and finger prints.

5. Â Bring a tripod for family shots or that perfect beach sunrise or sunset!!! Â There are many lightweight/small ones available.

6. Â If you're not really an experienced camera person....DON'T BUY A NEW CAMERA 5 DAYS BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

7. Â Bring your manual with you in case you have questions.

8. Â We strongly suggest that you have 2 batteries with you...always put one on the charger each night and use that one the next day. Â Keep rotating them.

9. Â Bring plenty of memory cards!

10.  Today's digital cameras have fantastic video modes...take advantage of them.  They will look great on your flat screen!

And as always...if you don't know your camera...know Creve Coeur Camera...we have 10 locations to help you with anything photographic.